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White Concrete House

Code of Conduct

Our Private Office for the following Safeguard Reasons for you

"Confidentiality" is the protection of personal information that is kept secure between MacJin Private Office and you being our honoured client and not disclosed without your permission unless authorized by legislation.

"Privacy" is maintained by us meeting at your office or home or at our private Office or at our Country Club.

Meet the Team

Professional. Experienced. Dedicated. Motivated

The unique partnership truly compliments each other, now in its eighth year,  -maturity/experience and wisdom together with youth/exuberance and vitality - such position abounds in anomaly with the beautiful young and old "Beauty and the Beast" - which has created a wonderful successful synergy as proven by exponential demand from such assured confidential service. With combined skills, Jorica with analytical background and John with years of experience in marketing, selling and all-round management, we are able to aptly impart such amalgamation on all property-related issues.

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