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About MacJin Private Office

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MacJin Private Office Abide Strictly By Authenticity Values At All Times

Residential Property Specialists in Cape Town

(uniquely Client orientated resulting in justified customer Confidence)

The dedicated and committed proven successful team of John and Jorica, the creators of a unique exclusive "MacJin Private Office", specifically designed for clients who want absolute confidentiality in all property related transactions. 

Over and above the foregoing we now have the added bonus of the ‘’Chinese Connection’’ through Jorica ’s involvement with the local Chinese community and contacts in China which is exponentially creating substantial enquiries by Chinese property investors.

John and Jorica abide fully to our following mission statement at all times: "We inspire, guide, and vigorously support our clients and community- through lifestyle real estate- profusely holding ourselves to the highest standards of integrity-summum bonum. We take cognition that buying, selling, renting and letting a home incurs tremendous emotions, which thereby further enhances our mission, that of  abiding with top priority- 'Time is of the essence,'- resulting in timeous mutually satisfied sale and lease."

We believe in the philosophy - "what cannot be bought or measured with money! Sincerity, Honesty, Integrity, Impeccable Manners and Upbringing".

Our motto: 'quality as opposed to quantity' together with our much deserved customer confidence, if so required - 'We Keep Your Private Life Private'.

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