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House with Pool


Sold and leased different types of properties, some within two weeks of being granted marketing exclusivity. Very proud of the recent luxury home sale in Constantia for R11million which was concluded within one hour and where both parties were happy with the price. This wonderful sale would not have been possible if we, the founders of MacJin Private Office, did not have the required negotiating skills, experience, and professionalism, to portray genuine ethical honesty and trust and have the ability to interact most favourably with persons at all levels. By having this wonderful natural trait John McDermott, the Chief Operating Officer of MacJin Private Office, was prompted to write a book, second edition, ''Selling Yourself as a Way of Life,'' on which he has conducted many successful motivational talks.

Rent & Manage

For your info and our credibility, and to give you absolute peace of mind and assurance, all the rentals we acquire are in collaboration with our most experienced successful registered rental in-house company.

True professional, experienced, dedicated and highly motivated 

This is what we perceive to be warranted from a true professional, experienced, dedicated and highly motivated agent who abides and never deviates by such principles - at all times:

To take away as much of emotional struggles related to your property transaction thereby allowing for least amount of interference with your ongoing life.


We form a united partnership relationship with you - a common cause - for mutual happy conclusion of sale and lease. We don’t just sell/let your property, we genuinely sell ourselves to you and client for honesty, truthfulness, ethics and complete  trust outcome together with loyalty.


We ensure your property is marketed effectively with all  the power of online marketing and information technology available to us and abide by all the professional marketing services we provide as being standard with our exclusive mandate offering. Each property has its very own characteristics and we adapt to those immediately to ensure we are not comparing apples with apples when forming a strategy to sell and let your property.


We are committed to provide you with regular feedback, as well as constant support, throughout the promoting and marketing process till finality of sale/lease and thereafter assisting respectively with the transfer process till registration and finality of lease agreement.

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