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Fully Focused Approach with Absolute Integrity

Openness, Responsiveness, Resourcefulness, Reliableness, Responsibleness

Our promise to you about your 5 major concerns

To our sellers and buyers, including landlords and tenants, as we specialize in both sales and rentals, we abide fully - at all times - by the truthful and honest expectations you require from estate agents - at all times - especially when buying or selling your home, which will be one of the largest financial transactions you make in your life.


Lack of Communication

We strive at all times to create a mutually committed happy relationship whereby you our client are kept in the loop at all times from the beginning of our relationship to a happy conclusion of a happy smooth sale as humanly possible. We form a partnership from start to finish. Our substantial unsolicited impeccable testimonials are proof of such communication.


Doesn’t Have the Client’s Best Interest at Heart

The proof of the pudding is in the eating and in no way can we verify such better than with our substantial unsolicited genuine impeccable testimonials proving beyond any doubt that we always have our client's best interest at heart at all times. The real value of something as portrayed above can be judged only from practical experience or results. Our testimonials are further proof of such experience.


Doesn’t Take Marketing Seriously

We make use of every available marketing advertising portals available to us but also go the extra mile by using all other methods to assist in promoting or marketing a property be it with the use of our substantial database, our contacts, social media, etc., and continue to create exposure of MacJin Private Office via cosponsoring events such with the Cape Town Press Club, wine tastings, schools etc. to become justifiably known as being true Newlands property specialists and becoming part of the community. We create ongoing new marketing and strategy plans to keep up to date with diversified property trends, be they going up or down.


Lack of Real Estate or Area Knowledge

Vitally important and reason for our successful partnership,  that of John and Jorica, now in its eighth year. We truly uniquely compliment each other -maturity/years of successful experience in all-round management and sales, John with some 15 years in real estate- John has written two books on ''Selling Yourself as a Way of Life,'' together with youth and exuberance, which has created a wonderful successful synergy. Jorica has an economics honours degree allowing her to supply correct up to date data on the present property market prevailing conditions allowing for correct pricing. John also has a law degree. We endeavour to specialize in Newlands, Cape Town, the suburb of choice, in which we both live and know intimately although we have had great success in other areas of Cape Town.


Lack of Professionalism

Here we experience daily incidents of real estate agents not being professional in their dealings with their clients, not honest, unethical, very self-satisfying with their egos, disloyalty to their fellow agents and clients, not having their loyalty to their client who has given them a mandate to sell but rather commission orientated to be received in the quickest way possible thereby behaving with the apt analogy  'Running with the hare and hunting with the hounds'. No wonder that some years back the American Forbes Business Magazine stated that the two most mistrusted vocations in the world were those of a second-hand car salesman and the other being that of a real estate agent. Here again, we ask our potential clients to look at our unsolicited impeccable testimonials verifying without any doubt that John and Jorica are true proud professionals, are honest with impeccable ethics,  genuine, always have the client's interest at heart, loyal and take mandates granted to them for selling someone's property with honour, privilege together with absolute dedication and motivation for a timeous happy trustworthy property conclusion by all parties concerned.

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