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Gated Community Lifestyle in Tokai, Cape Town

A gated community is a form of a housing estate or residential community that is guarded and enclosed within walls or fences. If you are someone who fancies having a quiet and secure life equipped while still having access to all the modern facilities, living in gated communities could be the right choice for you. Living in such private communities has its benefits, which make it a desirable choice of residence.

Some of the benefits of living in a gated community that might get you to consider moving to such a place:

  1. Safety and Security

  2. Extra Privacy

  3. A Sense of Community

  4. Integrated Lifestyle

  5. No Solicitors

  6. No Traffic or Speeding Vehicles

  7. Better Property Value

  8. Eco-Friendly Living

  9. A Safe Haven For Children

  10. Greener Environment

We have hand-picked some of sought-after security complexes and security estates in Tokai below. Tokai is best known for its tranquillity and close proximity to several of Cape Town's top schools, excellent medical facilities, the mountains, beaches, great restaurants and the outdoors.

Gated Community Lifestyle in Tokai, Cape Town: Services

Highgrove Estate


Royale on Main

Screenshot 2020-07-23 at 21.57.57.png

The Lofts

Screenshot 2020-07-23 at 22.01.57.png

Brittany At Tokai Villas


Bordeaux At Tokai Villas


Burgundy Tokai Villas


Mont Bleu



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