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We Aim To Find And Keep Great Tenants


For your info and our credibility, and to give you absolute peace of mind and assurance, all the rentals we acquire are in collaboration with our most experienced successful registered rental in-house company.

Extensive marketing to ensure we acquire suitable tenant timeously.

Extensive and substantial credit vetting to establish and ensure the credit profile and rating achieved complies in all in all aspects for absolute assurance of rental payment finance ability.

ID verification to safeguard identity theft and confirm the authenticity of a tenant applicant.

Employment confirmation to ensure the tenant is financially available to fulfil his/hers or their obligations in terms of the lease.  Copies of salary slip for earnings verification.

Reference checks with other account holders and landlords to confirm the historical credit reference characteristics of the potential tenant.

Cross referencing earnings against bank statements and to also the credit worthiness in the management of potential tenant’s banking account.

Facilitate a detailed photographic ingoing inspection to verify the condition of the property at the time of the tenant taking occupation and also detailing any defects for tenant’s observation and confirmation. On termination of the lease, an outgoing inspection will be conducted to determine if any damages to the property in question have occurred and costs to rectify such damages will be deducted from the tenant’s deposit.

The deposit is invested in an interest-bearing trust account, interest accruing to the tenant.

Invoice the tenant on a monthly basis, pay over the rent to the owner, attend to all the repairs, at the owner or tenants cost, whichever is applicable. Ensure monthly rental is paid on the first day of every month as stipulated in a lease agreement. Issue a letter of demand in the event of non-payment of a monthly rental. If a lease has to be cancelled due to monthly non-payment,  such cancellation of the lease will be carried out by

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The Top 10 Rental Checklist

Important rental features must be strictly adhered to in finding a great tenant. The following expected requirements are based on unfurnished rentals:

Rental Service: List


Security is top of the agenda in today’s uncertain times.


Affordability is now of prime importance so rental must be market-related.


If in old building or house, recent modern upgrade improvements is a must.


Move-in-ready of vital importance. Promise to repair, renovate, addition, etc. at a later date after occupancy is a no-no.


All necessary stipulated appliances must be strictly adhered to, especially with a furnished rental.

Close to Workplaces

Previously close to workplaces, but less important if now working from home due to Corona.

Close to Good Schools

Close to good schools an absolute must for a family with school-going children.

Close to Amenities

In close proximity to amenities such as shopping malls, garage.

Easy Access to Transport Routes

Easy access to all major and important transport routes, be it by car, Myciti Bus , train, airport.

Good Neighbourhood

Pleasing neighbourhood, pleasant neighbours.

We Pursue Your Purpose As Passion

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