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We are Better because we think and care Better !

Updated: Jun 5, 2022

We all know about the “’Beauty and the Beast’’ fantasy and from such similar business anomaly Jorica and I formed a real estate partnership, many sceptical and advised doomed to fail, young beautiful Chinese girl with Economics Honours Degree together with youth/exuberance and vitality and myself being an elderly man, author and motivational speaker together with maturity/experience and wisdom, against all odds, commencing with John’s mentorship, has created a wonderful successful synergy as we truly uniquely compliment each other, now in its sixth year. Our phenomenal success has allowed us to coin a phrase as being our new slogan

‘’We are Better because we think and care Better.” Our verified results and testimonials from overjoyed sellers, buyers, landlords and tenants is a testament to such success. We specialise in both sales and rentals and already most active in your area as attested in thefollowing link : Give us a try. You will not be sorry- rather confidently grateful.

Truly, John and Jorica

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