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Top Rental Features

Important rental features must be strictly adhered to in finding a great tenant. The following expected requirements are based on unfurnished rentals:

  • Security is top of the agenda in today’s uncertain times.

  • Affordability is now of prime importance so rental must be market related.

  • If in old building or house, recent modern upgrade improvements is a must.

  • Move-in ready of vital importance. Promise to repair, renovate, addition, etc. at later date after occupancy is a no-no.

  • All necessary stipulated appliances must be strictly adhered to, especially with furnished rental.

  • Previously close to workplaces, but less important if now working from home due to Corona.

  • Close to good schools an absolute must for a family with school going children.

  • In close proximity to amenities such as shopping malls, garage.

  • Easy access to all major and important transport routes, be it by car, MyCiti Bus , train, airport.

  • Pleasing neighbourhood, pleasant neighbours.

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