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The Insights from the Knight Frank Report

John read a very interesting article in our local newspaper related to Knight Frank’s 2019 World Weather Report findings. In the list of the world’s 20 key cities, our Mother City, Cape Town,  can offer an  investor 177m2 of prime property for one million US  dollars (R14 million) and  is only beaten by Sao Paulo who offer 200m2 for same price. By comparison $1 million will reward investors with 16m2 prime property in Monaco, 22m2 in Hong Kong and 31m2 in New York and London. They go on to predict that Buenos Aires, Dubai, Hong Kong, Mumbai will see prices fall during 2019, whilst New York and Singapore will see them remain static. Key European cities , along with Cape Town, however, are expected to show the highest growth.

The report continues to state that Cape Town sits well in line with the expectation that the

market will pick up in 2019 after hopeful no more drought and that forthcoming elections will create political stability. This most optimistic Knight Frank article further affirms that Cape Town  remains very popular globally  due to prevailing exchange rate advantages of low rand against the Euro, Pound Sterling and US Dollars and the enormous amount of lifestyle choices on offer, the latter, in John's opinion, having travelled the world extensively, has no equal anywhere else on this earth.


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