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Reminiscing: We Sold South Africa's Most Expensive Open Parking Spot in 2017 !

Updated: Jun 5, 2022

Records are there to be broken but always a privilege and honour to have been involved in a history breaking record. In July 2017 Jorica and I sold within one day of listing an open space roof parking bay for R1million which set a new record for bricks and mortar prices in South Africa in square meter terms. This small space for one medium size car cost R111k per square meter. We were absolutely overwhelmed with enquiries, could easily have sold for R1.5 million but first caller arrived at our office and paid one million rand cash into our trust account and would have been unethical to go for higher bid as Jorica and I always abide strictly by the principle,” first come, first served.”

This sale caused a furore, unbelievable interest and excitement, every radio station, every newspaper etc. called for a telephonic interview or to meet on the actual parking space. One lady journalist lay down on the parking bay and outstretched her hands to show the tiny width. It even made the news in Beijing, China.

When Jorica and I think back to this date, both still actively involved in real estate in Cape Town, we feel gratified in having been part of breaking a SA historical property record.

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