Property Marketing Services

Our modus operandi is to acquire discerning buyers, nationally and globally, for homes entrusted to us to sell preferably on an  Exclusive Mandate. Our mission is to find such esteemed property investors as opposed to waiting for them to come to us.

We conduct all our achievable goals through our determined absolute core values - Integrity, Accountability, Diligence, Perseverance and Discipline. 

Presently we are also strategizing with social media advertising, internet being the new tool in giving tremendous exposure to promoting and marketing luxury properties in South Africa and globally.

Taking all the above into consideration and with our total commitment and dedication with every sale, we do so with absolute passion, you as the seller, can justifiably and confidently entrust us in selling your home timeously at a price mutually acceptable to all parties concerned. We use all available marketing tools to sell your home in the quickest time possible.

Many sellers want to keep their private lives private, and if therefore requested, we abide by total confidentiality and exclusivity through our MacJin International Private Office concept comply fully with this discreet marketing service.

With our unique and most effective marketing tool - narrated videos, we are confident to present your home as natural as humanly possible by telling a property story and captivating the achievable lifestyle. John narrates without any script to achieve the natural and genuine foregoing. See three typical examples here

In the event of you not wanting to sell but rather rent out your property, we are also the true genuine renting specialists - dedicated and always highly motivated with absolute integrity at all times.

A truly unique partnership, now in its sixth year,  complemented by maturity/experience and wisdom together with youth, exuberance and vitality, has created a wonderful successful synergy in the art of procuring tenancy, thereby creating mutual satisfaction from landlord and tenant.

With combined formidable skills and blissful personalities, John, with over 50 years in tried and proven efficacious sales and marketing management, has allowed for inimitable negotiating skills.  Jorica, with her impressive analytical cultural background, allowing for comprehensive research to establish market-related rental, we are able to most aptly impart such amalgamation on all rental property related issues. Our acclamation is verified with on hand testimonials, by overjoyed landlords and tenants.

Making Notes

Comprehensive Market Appraisal

To Establish Fair Market Value

Why Is Important?
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High Profile Marketing Strategy and Plan

To Attract The Maximum Number Of Buyers/Tenants To The Property As Early In The Campaign As Possible


Working For Sellers & Landlords

To Conduct Viewings And Keep In Touch With Sellers/Landlords

Seller's Guide

Working With Buyers & Landlords

To Qualify Buyers/Tenants And Keep Things Moving

Buyer's Guide

Our Advertising Websites

Digital Marketing That Drives Results

With 95% of buyers and tenants looking online at some point in their home search, mastering the digital space is a must. Our properties are published to most effective property portals to ensure each property receives maximum exposure with thousands of potential buyers and tenants every day.

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