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Gustav Barkhuysen Attorneys

Gustav Barkhuysen Attorneys is a boutique Law Firm focusing on personal client service and delivery.  Their clients are their first priority.

They are experts in the field of real estate law and have a thorough understanding of all the legal requirements. They will be able to assist you with all your property acquisitions and disposals ranging from individual properties to entire property portfolios.

Houz-It Homes

With over 25 years in the real estate sector, we understand the changing aspects of the property world.

We are affiliated with the top eviction attorneys in the country.  Our lease has been drafted with the CPA, Rental Housing Act and all relevant legal requirements in mind. 

We pride ourselves in placing only the best calibre of tenant for your property.  Our scrutiny process is intensive, with credit vetting through the credit bureaus and home affairs and previous landlords.  We confirm employment and verify references.

We also profile our tenants during the currency of the lease, therefore managing the risk during the process.


OOBA Home Loans

ooba, formerly MortgageSA, pioneered mortgage origination in South Africa and now offers a range of solutions to homebuyers. As South Africa's leading home loan originator, we can help you to not only finance your home with ease, but also see that you're well insured. Our homebuyer solutions comprise of two core offerings: oobabond and oobainsure.


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